Professional Development


Our workshops are designed for high school and community college educators as well as workforce personnel and are tailored to fit local needs. NCPN can deliver workshops at your location.

Below is a sampling of our most-requested workshops and courses. All can be customized for your state or local needs. If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, just ask. We can combine topics or create a new workshop or course that will meet your professional development goals. (Download a PDF flyer of this page.)

Learn more about NCPN’s Career Pathways Leadership (CPL) Certification workshops.

Career Pathways Leadership (CPL) Certifications

(Each 1.5 days)

Level 1 – This interactive workshop introduces you to career pathways design based on CORD’s Framework for Career Pathways Alignment. Sample topics include ecosystem building, employer engagement, pathway mapping, stackable credentials, credit for prior learning, and holistic supports. Participants develop a local action plan and receive a toolbox of resources to deploy with K-16, adult education, community, and employer partners.

Level 2 – This interactive workshop challenges you to take pathways implementation to the next level. Workshop topics include career pathways alignment, program improvement to support innovation and sustainability, work-based learning integration, and learner transition support. Participants develop a local action plan and receive a toolbox of resources to deploy with K-16, adult education, community, and employer partners.

Adult Educator Focus
Both Level 1 and 2 certification workshops focus specifically on the roles of adult education practitioners, administrators, and others working with adult learners.

Introduction to Career Pathways

This workshop is designed to help participants find solutions to problems that prevent adults from obtaining the education that today’s workplace demands. Practical strategies and examples are shared. Participants begin to develop their own career pathway plans.

Contextualizing Instruction

Are your learners struggling to retain and apply what they learn? Contextualized instruction presents academic concepts in the context of careers and real-world experiences. Learn how to infuse workplace relevance into existing academic course content.

Building Your Ecosystem

This workshop provides tools for creating the strong community partnerships that career pathways systems require. Topics: Partner identification, goal setting, model structures, partner roles, and action plan development.

Employer Engagement

Strategic employer engagement in career pathways development has never been more important. This workshop provides strategies and tools for employer collaboration that lead to increased enrollment, better prepared graduates, higher job placement rates, opportunities for continued education, and more.

Creating Pathway Maps to Inform Decision-Making

This workshop focuses on the nuts and bolts of career pathways mapping. You’ll receive map examples, a component checklist, templates, and tips for implementation. Join us for mapping exercises and action planning that will help you identify program gaps, opportunities, and priorities. (Bundled with our Pathway Planner app.)

Integrating Work-Based Learning

This workshop explores the seamless integration of work-based learning into career pathways. Participants learn strategies to align classroom instruction with real-world experiences, fostering skill development and employability. From classroom-based career exploration to internships and apprenticeships, we’ll cover practical approaches for bridging education and work.

IET and Career Pathways Alignment (Adult Education focus)

This interactive workshop focuses on Integrated Education and Training (IET) and its alignment with career pathways. Participants will learn how to implement IET models into comprehensive career pathways so learners can progress from basic education to secondary diplomas or equivalency completion, all while gaining relevant workforce skills that align with industry needs.

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