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2024 Call for Proposals

Dear Colleague,

Thank you for submitting the proposal form below for the 2023 NCPN Conference at the Harris Conference Center, Charlotte, NC    November 8-10.

This form must be completed in a single session. (The form will not save your information after you have closed your browser. You will not be able to retrieve and revise your information once it has been submitted.)

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As the key presenter, you will be responsible for disseminating information to co-presenters.

If you have questions or problems with the form, please contact Claudia Maness cdmaness@cord.org.

Claudia Maness, NCPN Director

2023 Call for Proposals

Key Presenter Information

Registration fee: All presenters are required to register at the discounted presenter rate by September 5.

Please do not register until you have been notified that your presentation has been accepted.

(Please include extension if necessary.)
Summer Address (where you can be reached in the summer if different from above)
<b>Summer Address</b> (where you can be reached in the summer if different from above)

Presentation Information

Program Strands

Please select all that apply.

Strand 1
- Career awareness / exploration / development
- Career coaching / navigating
- Career counseling
- College and career planning
- Family engagement
- Growing leaders
- Pathways advising
- Recruitment and retention strategies
- Supporting special populations
Strand 2
- Ability to benefit
- Contextualized instruction
- Co-planning / co-teaching
- CTE program options
- Curriculum alignment
- Diversity, equity, and inclusion
- Integrated education and training (IET) best practices
- Work-based / experiential learning opportunities
- Essential / employability / soft skills
Strand 3
- Adult Career Pathways
- Apprenticeships / pre-apprenticeships
- Competency-based education
- Credentialing and Micro Credentialing
- Credit for prior learning / prior learning assessment
- Design and Deliver Career and College Pathways Without Limits
- Design/Deliver High-Quality Equitable Career Pathways
- Diversity, equity, and inclusion
- Dual and articulated credit
- Guiding learning pathways
- Industry-recognized certifications
- Internships
- Measurable skill gains
- Pathway mapping
- Scholarships
- Stackable credentials
Strand 4
- Building cross-agency partnerships
- Classroom speakers / mentors
- Connecting K12 and College systems
- Dual and articulated credit
- Employer engagement
- Examining equity through Career Pathways
- Measuring impact
- Relationship management
- Policy and program alignment
Strand 5
- Correctional models
- Diversity, equity, and inclusion
- Essential / employability / soft skills
- Programs to support returning veterans
- Using labor market data
- Talent development strategies
- WIOA administration to support pathways
- Workforce board partnerships
Maximum: 12 words. The title should clearly communicate what the presentation is about.
0 of 12 max words
Maximum: 50 words. Describe what conference attendees can expect to learn from your session and how they will benefit from it, and what they will take home. Be sure your presentation is geared, toward a national audience. This description will appear in the conference program book. Priority will be given to presentations that are engaging / interactive and have takeaways for attendees. Be sure your description accurately describes your presentation.
0 of 50 max words
Maximum: 100 words. Give a brief summary of what you plan to accomplish in your session and how you will present it. Tell what attendees will take home and implement. This information will not be published and is used only for evaluating presentations.
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Room Setup
Select one.
Presentation Length Preferred
Please check which presentation length you prefer. Although we cannot guarantee that you will be scheduled according to your preference, if you are accepted, NCPN will make every effort to schedule your session accordingly.
Will this session be presented in panel format?
Will you need head tables with microphones for your panelists?
Audiovisual Equipment
An LCD projector, Internet, screen, sound for laptop, and microphone (as needed) will be provided in each meeting room. Bring your own laptop. NCPN does NOT provide laptops.
Audience Level
Check all that apply.
Audience Position
Check all that apply.
Content Level
Will your session promote a product or service that is commercially available from you or a company that you represent?
Have you presented before at NCPN?

Reference Information

Please provide the name and contact information for someone who can attest to the quality of your proposed session and presentation skills.
Name of Reference
<b>Name of Reference</b>
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All presenters are required to register for the conference and pay the discounted presenter registration fee  by September 5.

Presenters should wait to register until they have received notification that their presentation has been selected on May 16.

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Co-presenter Address
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I agree to present in any time slot to which I'm assigned on Thursday or Friday.
I understand that I (and additional presenters, if applicable) am responsible for my own travel, hotel expenses, and applicable registration fees.
Travel arrangements should not be made until you have been assigned a presentation time slot in July.