Welcome to the mobile program for NCPN CONNECT 2023, the annual conference of the National Career Pathways Network. All the information you will need for an enjoyable conference experience is accessible from this page. Scroll down to see the daily schedule of events. For more on NCPN, go here.


TUE 4:00–7:00
Registration at Hyatt Place/Charlotte Airport

Wednesday (Preconference)

WED 7:30–3:00 • Registration at Harris Center

WED 7:30–8:30 • Breakfast
(Preconference attendees only)

WED Noon–1:00 • Lunch
(Preconference attendees only)

WED 1:00–4:30 • Exhibit Set-up

WED 4:00–7:00
Registration at Hyatt Place/Charlotte Airport


THU 7:30–4:30 • Registration at Harris Center

THU 7:30–4:30 • Exhibits Open

THU 7:30–8:30 • Breakfast

THU 8:30–9:45 • Opening Session
KEYNOTE: Aaron Burciaga
, Co-founder, Chairman & CEO, DataPrime; Chair of Global Analytics Certification Board, Artificial Intelligence Advisory Committee

THU 9:45–10:15 • Networking/Snack Break

THU Noon–1:15 • Lunch

THU 3:15–3:45 • Networking/Snack Break


FRI 7:30–10:30 • Registration at Harris Center

FRI 7:30–11:00 • Exhibits Open

FRI 7:30–8:30 • Breakfast

FRI 10:30–11:00 • Networking/Snack Break