Preconference Workshops • Wednesday, November 8

WED 9:00–4:30

Leading Career Pathways: A Certification for Practitioners (formerly Career Pathways Leadership I)

This interactive workshop immerses you in best practices and insightful discussions based on the Advancing Credentials through Career Pathways Framework. Workshop segments include:

  • Strategically engaging employers to support innovation
  • Building community partnerships to facilitate seamless transitions
  • Designing industry-responsive career pathways
  • Using pathways mapping to identify and design stackable credentials
  • Championing and facilitating non-credit to credit alignment
  • Providing holistic student supports for credential completion

Participants will develop a local action plan and receive a toolbox of resources to deploy with K-16, adult education, community, and employer partners.


Kay Sharbono
Former Director of Adult Education, Louisiana Delta Community College; Former President, Coalition on Adult Basic Education (COABE)

Jennifer Wagner
Campus Manager, Fox Valley Technical College, Chilton Regional Center

Scaling Career Pathways: A Certification for Influencers (formerly Career Pathways Leadership II)

This interactive workshop challenges you to take your pathways development to the next level, based on the Advancing Credentials through Career Pathways Framework. Workshop segments include:

  • Assessing achievements and lessons learned
  • Refining implementation practices to facilitate scaling
  • Expanding employer engagement and work-based learning experiences
  • Designing labor market-responsive professional development
  • Facilitating partner collaboration for program-to-program articulation

Participants will have a pre-workshop assignment prior to the conference, and benefit from a virtual roundtable a month after the conference.

Ann Westrich
Career Prep and Career Transition Education Director with the Wisconsin Technical College System

Claudia Maness
Director, National Career Pathways Network

WED 9:00–Noon

The Heart of Leadership: A Pathway Forward

Effective leaders recognize that their actions may have both intended and unintended consequences, so they carefully consider the culture that their actions will help shape. They recognize that by creating a positive climate that inspires team members, they influence them to contribute their best. This workshop will prepare you and your team members to communicate your vision with passion and to influence positive change in your organization.

Dr. Nicholas Brown
Leadership Coach/Business Consultant

Employer Engagement: From Strategy to Implementation

In a time when information is critical to success and budgets are tied to outcomes, the need for strategic employer engagement with education has never been greater. No longer can programs thrive with limited input from local employers. Educators must stay informed of—and respond to—industry-specific trends that impact skill sets, national standards, and credentials. Participants will learn the tools and resources needed to map out your employer engagement strategy.

Debbie Davidson
Technical Assistance Director, Center for Occupational Research and Development (CORD)

Danielle Rose
Director of Experiential Learning, Forsyth Technical Community College

WED 1:00–4:00

Apprenticeships in Career Pathways: Best Practices and Lessons Learned

This session will focus on apprenticeships and pre-apprenticeships within career pathways. Topics will include key components of quality apprenticeship programs, business engagement strategies, partnership building, and braided funding. Attendees will hear about best practices and lessons learned from states and regions that are significantly expanding apprenticeship. Attendees will be given an opportunity to develop action steps for integrating these into their own state and local plans.

Jennifer Jirous-Rapp
Senior Research Associate, CORD

Tools for Adopting the Framework for a Cross-Disciplinary STEM Core

This workshop will provide a step-by-step process and tools for community colleges interested in adopting the Framework for a Cross-Disciplinary STEM Core. The Framework recommends incorporating skill sets from Advanced Digital Literacy, Data Knowledge/Analysis, and Business Knowledge/Processes into associate degree technician preparation programs with employer input and regional customization. This workshop will provide tools for adopting the Framework with roles for classroom instructor, employers, and the college president. Any career and technical program can adopt systemic changes toward empowering learners with skill sets that cross industries and sectors. Participants will receive tools for recruiting a Cross-Disciplinary STEM Core implementation team, convening employers to prioritize topics, determining curriculum gaps and integration points, developing real-world scenarios, participating in professional development opportunities, and supporting systemic change.

Ann-Claire Anderson
Senior Vice President, Special Projects, CORD