2019 Preconference Workshops

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Preconference Workshops


Preconference workshops require registration and a fee (not covered by the main conference registration). Attendees can attend a full-day workshop OR two half-day workshops (morning and afternoon). Lunch is provided for attendees of any full-day workshop.


Career Pathways Leadership (CPL) Certification I: Introduction to Career Pathways
If you are involved in CTE, counseling, corrections, or workforce development and your duties have expanded to include Career Pathways, join CPL I for an introduction to Career Pathways and an evaluation of where you are and what your next steps should be. Topics will include the need for Career Pathways partnerships, sector identification and employer engagement, program design and delivery, funding, academic achievement, career planning, professional development, and beginning with the end in mind. Jaime Spaciel, Director, Career Pathways and Program Effectiveness, Gateway Technical College

Career Pathways Leadership (CPL) Certification II: Deep Dive Into Career Pathways
CPL II will take a deep dive into the implementation of Career Pathways. Bring your existing pathway(s) to share what is working and learn about ways to improve. The presenters will lead participants in taking an in-depth look at ways to make their Career Pathways better. Teams are encouraged. Ann Westrich, Career Prep Education Director, Wisconsin Technical College System Office; Claudia Maness, Director, National Career Pathways Network

Career Pathways Leadership (CPL) Certification for the Adult Education Field
If you are involved in the adult education field where you are a practitioner of adult learners in any capacity (ABE, ASE, Developmental Education, ESL, Correctional Education, Workforce Development, Employability and Life Skill Development, Integrated Education Training, etc.) and your duties have expanded to integrate services into Career Pathways and/or Integrated Education Training (IET), join this session. The session serves as an introduction to Career Pathways and how they can be successfully implemented in this space, as well as helping to evaluate your program to determine what should be your next steps. Topics will include the need for Career Pathways partnerships, sector identification and employer engagement, program design and delivery specifically in relation to integrated education training (IET), funding, academic achievement, career planning, and professional development. This workshop specifically focuses on the roles of adult education practitioners and administrators, career and tech education instructional staff and directors, workforce and economic development personnel, and any others who work with adult learners receiving college and career readiness services. Kaye Sharbono, Retired Director of DeltaLINC (Adult Education Program) for Louisiana Delta Community College and the sitting Past President of the Coalition on Adult Basic Education (COABE).


Registered Apprenticeship Essentials: What You Need to Know
This workshop will provide essential information for colleges and high schools that are making decisions about registered apprenticeship programs. Topics will include benefits for educational institutions, students, and employers; program components and feasibility; lessons learned from marketing, outreach, and admission activities; the role of the intrusive coach; and what partnerships are necessary for success. Participant questions and discussion will be encouraged. Rebecca S. Lake, Harper College Dean of Workforce and Economic Development

Cybersecurity: A Multidisciplinary Approach
This workshop will introduce classroom instructional tools that demonstrate the multidisciplinary nature of cybersecurity. Cybersecurity has evolved as a major work role in manufacturing, finance, health care, information technology, criminal justice, and many other fields. The presenter will share documentation and data from the NIST/NICE Cybersecurity Framework, including information about each of the 52 defined work roles. This workshop will demonstrate tools used by professionals in these multidisciplinary work roles. Participants will be given access to the environments and tools demonstrated and will receive handouts and instructional materials for classroom implementation. The workshop will provide hands-on experience with virtual instructional environments and interactive student self-directed learning animations. John Sands, Computer Integrated Technologies and Executive Director, National Support Center for Systems Security and Information Assurance (CSSIA), Moraine Valley Community College

Is the FAME Career Pathway Right for You?
The FAME Career Pathway is a multiple-award-wining program that serves four customer groups (education, students, employers, and workforce/economic development); offers four career pathways and a PK-to-master’s pathway; and provides benefits to students such as debt-free college degrees, comprehensive and paid work experiences, an 80 percent graduation rate (college), and an 85 percent immediate hire rate into full-time jobs at high pay. No special programs are required for entry, so application is open to all students. There is no cost to participating PK–12 schools. The program’s employer partnership component will strengthen participating colleges’ grant requests. Participating employers gain what many consider to be global-best entry-level technicians. The program is endorsed by the White House and has been adopted for national scale by The Manufacturing Institute, the workforce partner of the National Association of Manufacturers. Dennis Dio Parker, The Manufacturing Institute; Gardner Carrick, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, The Manufacturing Institute


Creating a 4.0 Workforce
This interactive workshop will stretch your knowledge on unicorns, robots, and the future of work. Industry 4.0 is reshaping the knowledge and skills required to secure America’s future. The presenters will share trends and engage participants in classroom activities that will serve as a SMART foundation for teachers, students, and workers. Todd McLees, Founder and Managing Partner, Pendio Group; Bryan Albrecht, President, Gateway Technical College

Building, Branding, and Executing Vision for Career Pathways Leaders
In today’s highly competitive, technology-driven educational environments, it is imperative as never before that leaders be able to move their institutions forward to produce the best outcomes. Building, executing, and branding your vision is essential to becoming an effective leader. Understanding who you are and what type of leader you can become is essential to taking your institute to the next level. This workshop will provide proven techniques and tools for becoming a more successful leader. Attendees will leave with renewed energy and effective practices for learning and improving leadership skills. Lisa D. Williams, Program Specialist IV, Florida Department of Education, Division of Career and Adult Education; Nick Brown, Master Instructor, Indian River State College


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