Advisory Committee Toolkit Introduction


Advisory Committee Toolkit

I. Introduction

Welcome to the Career Pathways Advisory Committee Toolkit website! The toolkit includes tips, techniques, and worksheets for adopting a systematic process for working with committee members. We hope that you find the toolkit useful and wish you luck in your endeavors to improve career and technical education.

Purpose of the Toolkit

The purpose of this toolkit is to help educators and business/industry representatives strengthen career and technical education programs within a career pathways system through the use of advisory committees.

Organization of the Toolkit

This toolkit has been divided into sections so that members can have the option of going to the section that has the most meaning or priority for them. Many members may wish to read and work through the toolkit in its entirety.

Resource  Use Resource 1.1 to make suggestions as to where your team might want to start in the toolkit.

For the purpose of the table below, we have used the following definitions in defining advisory committee audiences:

  • Faculty and Administrators—Educators involved with the advisory committee
  • Business/Industry Members—Business or industry partners serving on the committee
  • Advisory Committee Officers—Educators and/or business partners serving as an officer of the advisory committee
  • All—All three audiences list above

The following table lists and describes each section and gives suggestions for which audience may have an interest in that section.

Section Description Audience
I. Introduction Start here for an understanding of how the toolkit is organized and an explanation of each section. All
II. Benefits of Advisory Committees Benefits of advisory committees and related interactive forms. All
III. Setup of Advisory Committees How to set up advisory committees and related interactive forms. 1) Faculty, Administrators
2) Advisory Committee Officers
IV. Maintenance of Advisory Committees Maintaining your advisory committee after it has formed with related interactive forms. 1) Faculty, Administrators
2) Advisory Committee Officers
V. Growth of Advisory Committees Growing your advisory committee to its optimum level with related interactive forms. 1) Faculty, Administrators
2) Advisory Committee Officers
VI. CTE Advisory Committee Members Guide A guide for business/industry members (roles and responsibilities) with related interactive forms. Business/Industry members
VII. Forms and Resources Table of contents for forms and reference materials. Select forms here for download without going through the sections. Advisory Committee Officers
VIII. Glossary Glossary of terms used in the toolkit and career and technical education in general. All
IX. Printable Version (PDF) Downloadable, printable version of entire toolkit.  
X. Acknowledgments and Bibliography Acknowledgments of working group that developed the toolkit and resources used in development. All

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