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Thriving in Challenging Times:
Connecting Education to Economic Development Through Career Pathways

Submit Your "Thriving" Program

Thriving in Challenging Times: Connecting Education to Economic Development through Career Pathways is a publication featuring 17 profiles of outstanding partnerships across the U.S. Each profile highlights challenges, strategies, and business engagement in addition to other ingredients for program success. We invite you to consider submitting your partnership for online publication in a format similar to those featured in Thriving.

Use the online form below to describe your Career Pathways program and submit it for consideration. Sites selected will be prominently displayed on NCPN's website, summarized in a Connections newsletter, and guaranteed acceptance as a presenter for the next NCPN conference.

Note: Since some organizations have firewall and network settings that may limit the active life of longer forms, it is suggested that you develop your answers in a Word or other document so you can copy and paste your information into the form.

All fields are required for submission.

Program Title and Names of Partnering Entities

List the full name of the program to be highlighted. Identify all educational
partners such as schools, districts, colleges, and consortia and list names
of partnering company(ies).

Career Cluster Focus

Target Population and Eligibility Requirements

Identify the age and grade level(s) of the students enrolled in the program. Explain prerequisites, admissions requirements, and/or selection criteria that may be used to select candidates, if applicable.

Program Description


Explain local education issues and workforce needs that led to the establishment of the program. Identify specific problems/challenges that the program was designed to address.


Describe in detail how much your program works by addressing: major program components, length of time (number of semesters or years) students are engaged in the various program components, credentials that are awarded (if applicable) at the completion of the program, and the next level of education and/or employment for which the students are prepared.


Describe how your program has positively impacted economic or workforce development in your community. Address the educational benefits for students such as improved test scores, increased GPAs, growth in internship opportunities, increased placement rates for graduates, improved retention rates, and positive feedback from employers. Includes as much relevant data as possible.

Business Engagement

List all companies involved and detail their role(s) in the program. Be as specific as possible.


Explain the sources of funds that have supported your program over time. Highlight start-up versus maintenance costs. If possible, demonstrate how passion, creativity, and effort with respect to partnership building are just as essential as dedicated funding.

Lessons Learned

Identify things you wish you had known before you began program implementation. What suggestions would you offer others designing similar programs?

Key Contact

This should be the program coordinator or person with similar responsibility who is equipped to respond the questions about the program in a timely manner.

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