NCPN Leadership Development Academy
Application Instructions

Nov 1, 2014 - Oct. 14, 2015

The National Career Pathways Network is dedicated in serving its members and the career pathways community and to streamline and strengthen the career pathways message to the field (across the nation and abroad).  The NCPN Leadership Development Committee specifically has the purpose of providing professional, career, and leadership development to career pathways leaders (career pathways coordinators, CTE Directors, Occupational Dean; Workforce Development administration and staff,  and counselors) to assist them in being able to be a valuable contributor to the broader goals of the institutions and stakeholders they serve.  To that end, the NCPN Leadership Development Committee has developed the NCPN Leadership Development Academy (LDA:  year-long professional development program)


Who can participate?   You must meet one of the criteria below for participation in the year-long LDA:

  1. Attend the 2014 NCPN Orlando Preconference Institute (any choice of the preconference institutes) or
  2. Be a past graduate of the Career Pathways Leadership 2-day Workshop or
  3. Have a signed waiver from the NCPN Director Deb Mills (

Must I attend the LDI preconference to participate in the year-long Academy (LDA)? No, but you must meet one of the criteria above

What is the duration? 12 months; November 1,2014-October 15, 2015; Culminating at the 2015 NCPN Conference (10/28/15)

How often do we meet?  Monthly conference calls; Quarterly Webinar Sessions & Other Innovative Experiences.  All will be virtual except for graduation at the 2015 NCPN Conference which will be held in Dallas.

What is the cost? $500 (plus qualifications from above)

What is the content? The LDA will be based on leadership skills for a  Career Pathways System (Local, Regional, or State) and will focus on the four core principles of the CTE Blueprint

 More information on the year-long content will be available at the NCPN Conference.

If you would like to apply for the Leadership Development Academy, please click the button below.  All applications will be reviewed by a review team and applicants will be notified by November 7, 2014.


QUESTIONS about LDA: Contact Debbie Mills, NCPN Director, or
Jeraline Marsh, NCPN Leadership Development Committee Chairperson,