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NARRATIVE INSTRUCTIONS: Please answer the items below in a separate Word document to be uploaded at the bottom of this form. Be sure you stay within the word limit given.

  • At the top of the document, identify the Program being nominated, the name of the nominee, and your name.
  • Select one Career Pathway/program of study in your consortium, partnership, district, or school. The criteria in the topics below will be used to evaluate your program nomination. You may not be able to address all the criteria listed under each topic, so concentrate on what best showcases the excellent parts of your program.
  • List the name of the criteria above your answer.

Program Overview (20 points) 450 word limit

  • Description and goals of the career pathways program
  • Institutions involved (e.g., secondary/postsecondary schools, businesses, community organizations)
  • Summary of career pathway curriculum
  • How, when, and by whom curricula, tasks, and activities were developed and reviewed
  • Time students/teachers spend at worksite and school-site and how worksite learning is coordinated with school-site learning
  • How worksite learning activities contribute to the overall career pathways effort
  • Program innovation/uniqueness

Professional Development and Experience (20 points) 450 word limit

  • List training or experiences for teachers, counselors, administrators, or other education institution staff that have strengthened the program
  • List training or experiences for community and/or employer partners that have strengthened the program
  • Overall effect of training opportunities on the success of the program

Employer Involvement (20 points) 450 word limit

  • How employer partners helped implement and/or maintain the program (indicate monetary or in-kind contributions, etc.)
  • How employer partners are involved with students and/or teachers (e.g., mentors, supervisors, classroom speakers)
  • Objectives of employer partners' involvement with students and/or teachers
  • How worksite experience is evaluated
  • Overview of the benefits of the employer partnership
  • Describe the connection created between learners and employers and how future success will be measured

Career Guidance and Advising (20 points) 450 word limit

  • Describe how learners (including adult learners) are assisted in developing a career and education plan
  • Describe provisions for discovering and matching interests with career exploration and list all assessments and resources being used during advising process
  • Describe tracking and impact of career and education plans

Results (20 points) 450 word limit

  • Provide measurable student improvement indicators (e.g., grades, graduates' job placement, graduates' enrollment in advanced education). Improvement should be evident over the course of time.
  • How employer partners benefit (e.g., production or training cost reduction, expansion of services)
  • Other evidence collected to validate collaboration and other successful outcomes of the pathway

Additional Response (optional) 350 word limit

  • May be used for any additional comments, including using it to say more about one or more of the items where you may have exceeded space limitations.


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