Opening Session, Thursday, Oct. 26, 9:30-10:30 a.m.

Michele S. Jones

Michele Jones was the first black female command sergeant major of the Army Reserve. Jones was selected by Army Reserve Chief Lt. Gen. James R. Helmly to become the ninth command sergeant major of the Army Reserve in September 2003. As a result, she became the first woman in U.S. Army's history to serve as a division command sergeant major. Jones is also the first woman to be selected as the top noncommissioned officer in the Army Reserve, as well as the first to be chosen as the senior noncommissioned officer in any of the Army's components.




Closing Session, Friday, Oct. 27, 1:45-2:45 p.m.

Brigadier General (retired) Ben Robinson

What I Believe About U.S. Education
In Ben’s closing, he will discuss his observations on the role of education, training and the motivation of our future workforce with a special emphasis on the role of career pathways.

Ben brings to the discussion a personal passion for career pathways and he will share the genesis of that passion and over almost 50 years of experience with the audience. While a Boeing executive, Ben saw a need to create partnerships between those who educate and train workforce and those who employ workforce.

This presentation blends humor, observation, critique and recommendations for the development of an enhanced quality of life and workforce.