Professional Development

Career Pathways Leadership
Certification Workshop

Are you a new Career Pathways coordinator, CTE administrator, counselor, dean, division chair, or faculty member whose duties have expanded to include Career Pathways? If so, help is on the way.

NCPN has developed a certification workshop for current and future leaders designed to provide tools and resources for Career Pathways implementation. To date, more than 4,000 individuals in 21 states have received the Career Pathways Leader certification.

Career Pathways Leadership Certification workshops are typically contracted through state or local education agencies. Although they are national in scope, specific modules can be customized based on state and/or local needs. The workshops involve fifteen contact hours over two days.

Workshop topics include:

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Participants share their enthusiasm for the Career Pathways Certification:

“I’m sure you noticed the light turning on in my mind and my several ‘a-ha’ moments during the two days of training. You helped me see the big picture, and now I get it. I understand what Career Pathways is and where I fit in the scheme of things.”

“This training is accurately called ‘leadership’ training because it will motivate and empower you to step up to the plate.”

“ was my Career Pathways Leadership training, more than any other single event, that has helped me ‘get it’! No ‘if’ ‘ands’ or ‘buts’ about it...we MUST all work together if Career Clusters is going to work for our students.”

“An absolutely wonderful program chock full of info and ideas. I really learned a lot and enjoyed the time spent doing so. The info and ideas will come into immediate use as we work to secure grant funding for some Adult Career Pathways initiatives.”

“It was excellent! As the host, it met all of our expectations and more. The trainers were superb. I wish I could have recorded everything they said. They gave great information and communicated it in such a fashion that it was understandable and relevant. I received many comments from participants that this was one of the best workshops/conferences they have attended in a long time.”