Introduction and Organization

The purpose of this toolkit is to help educators begin the process of forming teams and assessing their readiness to incorporate the college and career readiness culture and begin the crosswalk of the common core standards to existing curricula.

This toolkit has been divided into sections so that educators can have the option of going to the sections that have the most relevance to their work.

Section Description
1. CCR Primer Start here for an understanding of 21st-century skills, the college and career readiness culture, and an introduction to the common core standards.
2. Common Core Standards Initiative Process of the common core, preparing your school and developing teams.
3. English Language Arts English language arts standards for English language arts courses
4. Reading and Writing in History/Social Studies Reading and writing standards for history/social studies courses
5. Reading and Writing in Science and Technical Subjects Reading and writing standards that may be embedded in science and technical courses
6. Mathematics Mathematics standards for mathematic courses
7. Mathematic Embedded in Other Courses Mathematics standards that may be embedded in other courses
Entire Toolkit Downloadable, printable version of entire toolkit